Mobile Application Penetration Test

Cyber criminals may exploit a vulnerable mobile app if it connects to internet and will take the user to a complete disaster.

Millions of mobiles are active across the globe and hence the mobile apps pen-test is the need on priority.
Getting mobile app penetration test done by Cyber Defence solutions will not only let you know the list of vulnerabilities your mobile app has but also their strategic mitigation plan to protect your application .

Mobile Application Penetration Testing METHODOLOGY

Defining scope
Reconnaissance and enumeration
Mobile app API analysis
static and Dynamic analysis
Gaining Access-Exploitation
Privilege Escalation
Result analysis
Report generation
Mitigation proposal
Fix re-verification

What is Mobile App Security

Mobile applications nowadays are one of the biggest source of exploitation and very much prone to flaws. The process by which this flaws of mobile app is identified is termed as MAPT. The mobile application penetration testing methodology focuses on client-side security, file system, hardware, and network security.

Supported Platforms


What Cyber Defence Solutions Offer

Mobile Application Pen Test Regarding

Our mobile application security process is meant to suite the best of client’s need. The process includes E2E pen-test of mobile app along with third party lib known flaws. The process includes analyzing statically as well as dynamically. We provide complete information about vulnerabilities and total security against attack and intruders.

We provide a simple and concise report furnishing all the information of security assessment as well as the mitigation plans of the flaws in order to achieve the security. The report typically consists of two sections: A high level info for management personnel and A low level info for technology personnel.